Prepare refugee children for next winter

Support one refugee child with one sleeping bag

For only $27, you can assure the survival of one child for next winter.

Lebanon is hosting a total number of 490,000 children of school age 3–18 years old. Our goal is to help as many children, situated in tented settlements, as possible.

The majority might have survived this winter, but what about the next one?

Refugee children are often given water absorbing clothing that adds weight and discomfort, which is not responsive to temperature or climate shifts resulting in illness and death, as in already seen cases.

They must prepare for another winter in fragile tents and shelters, with temperatures falling as low as -10°C.

We help prepare them for the next one through sleeping bags and solution-based clothing as a practical approach, to be physically given, to assist refugee children.

Your donation will go to sleeping bags, from which some of them will be reconstructed into multifunctional jackets that can be used in three different ways; as a jacket, jumpsuit and sleeping bag. A 3-in-1 deal. Volunteers donating their skills and time, assisted by a fashion/social designer, will help create these jackets at workshops at DSK, in Denmark.

We assure best quality for the best price possible through our collaborations. The warm, chunky and comfortable sleeping bags and jackets have super soft and breathable lining that provides warmth in temperatures below -10°C.  In addition, they are made out of water repellent, durable fabric with fibre insulation.

If you have any interest in following the journey of your donation, follow @social.action on Instagram, where a Lebanon-based photographer will be the face and voice of the children, and who will receive your priceless humanitarian donations.

Don’t hesitate to share this among friends – every action is a donation to this cause. Please help support the children with your donation – together we can save lives!

More information:
Help on how to donate to the cause

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Be sure to add a note with “socialaction” so we can verify what the donation should be used for!

Name: Nordisk Hjälp
Address: Scheelegatan 13, 212 28 Malmö, Sweden
Tel: 0046-40 21 29 33
Fax: 0046-40 21 29 34
Bank name: NORDEA BANK
Bank address: Nya Agnesfridsvägen 184, S-20039 Malmö, Sweden
IBAN: SE9795000099601809001124

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Be sure to add a note with “socialaction” so we can verify what the donation should be used for!

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