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Being a sponsor gives a child a safer life, better opportunities, and a chance at surviving. Nordisk Hjälp works with both development projects and emergency relief aid around the world in order to create opportunities for children and vulnerable groups in societies so that they can live a more tolerable life. Our initiatives aim to alleviate poverty and promote democracy and human rights. If you would like to help us by becoming a sponsor to a child in need you can fill out our application below. The monthly fee is 400kr.

The application follows the processing of your personal data, following the agreement of Personuppgiftslag (“Personal Data Act”, PuL) and General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR). That means your personal data is not used for commercial purposes outside the organization and our register cannot be sold to a third party.

You automatically become a member once you fill and send in the form.

Note! If any of the information filled out below changes it’s required you get in contact with us.

Consent to Payment via Autogiro Privat

(What follows is a rough translation of the agreement in English from Swedish.)
I agree that withdrawals may be made from the specified bank account at the request of the specified payee for transfer via the banks’ automatic payment service, Autogiro. The bank is not obliged to test the authorization of or notify me in advance of the requested bank or to an account in another bank. I must have enough money in the account for my payments no later than the payment deadline before the due date.
  1. I agree that the withdrawal may be charged to my bank account according to the bank’s rules. Withdrawals from my account may take place on the due date or within a week thereafter: if I received notification of the amount, due date and payment method in good time before the due date, or if I approved the withdrawal in connection with the purchase or order of a product or service.
  2. I accept that the bank must approve that my account may be used for Autogiro and that the bank and the payee have the right to cancel my connection to Autogiro in certain cases. Bankgirocentralen BGC AB is tasked with handling the direct debit routine on behalf of the bank. I therefore agree that information from the bank’s register about the account number and address may be combined with the Bankgirocentralen’s information into a register.
My consent is valid until further notice. The consent ceases five banking days after I have revoked it in writing.

Sponsorship will be 400 SEK/month, and you can freely give any additional sum as you like and when you feel like it. Nordisk Hjälp sends you a payment card every three months.

Tax reduction – From 1 July 2019 you get a 25% tax reduction on gifts, on a total annual amount that’s between 2,000 and 6,000 SEK.

So if you support a sponsored child with 500 SEK/month (for example), you get back 1500 SEK/year, and the actual monthly cost of the child sponsorship would then be 375 SEK.

Read more about the child sponsorship project

Do you want to be a sponsor? You can fill in, print and send in (right now this is in Swedish, we’ll see about translating it to English!) the Become a sponsor form to apply. That is of course, if you have not already completed and submitted the form above.

If you have questions/concerns about the child sponsorship project, you may call us on 040-21 29 33 (or by email at

Are you a child sponsor and do you use Swish?

You may Swish using the following number 9001124
or use the Swish app with the QR code below
(This requires you to at least be in a country that supports Swish and for you to have mobile number that is also connected to a bank account for this to succeed.)