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Ambulances at the Turkey/Syria border!

We have now received information that the AMBULANCES HAVE ARRIVED! 15 ambulances are now on standby at the border. As soon as we get the pictures we will update again! […]

Article in Metro 26/11/2012

Translation (roughly) Contribution. Malmö organization arrange ambulances to save lives in Syria Swedish ambulances that will save lives in Syria. Behind the aid effort is the Malmö-based organization Nordisk Hjälp, […]

15 ambulances to Turkey/Syria

Just in! 15 ambulances are to be driven down to the Turkey/Syria border to help refugees pouring in from Syria. The departure is tonight at 22:00 from Malmö and expected […]

The situation in Syria is still awful

Donate to help Syrian refugees! We work to help families in need from Syria who are fleeing to surrounding countries. The aid mainly consists of food parcels, help with healthcare […]

The crisis in Gaza

The crisis in Gaza is worsening according to the news every day! Did YOU know that Nordisk Hjälp is, at it’s current best, transporting 6 ambulances that are on their […]

Lecture for Rotary Helsingborg-Berga

Two weeks ago Nordisk Hjälp gave a lecture about our organization for Rotary Helsingborg-Berga! More pictures and a summary are available at http://www.rotary.se/helsingborg-berga

Ambulances on their way to Gaza!

The six ambulances that Nordisk Hjälp (together with Emmaus Fredriksdahl) will send to Gaza are now on their way by freight to Alexandria in Egypt! From there they will be […]

Nordisk Hjälp has a newsletter!

Nordisk Hjälp has now started writing e-mail newsletters. The newsletter will have a short summary of our projects and results, as well as news sent 6-8 times a year. Would […]