Nordisk Hjälp supplies the solar cell project to the Hamza medical center in Lebanon

As part of the “Ljus och värme” (Light and heating) campaign that provides solar panels to clinics and preschools, Nordisk Hjälp supplies the “Malmö solcellsanläggning” (Malmö solar panel facilities) project at the Hamza Medical Center to support patients in the...
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Campaign to support Palestinian students in Lebanon

If you do not see the donation form above, you can also follow this link: Extend a helping hand to Palestinian university students in Lebanon. By taking part and with your donations, we will be able to provide cash assistance...
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Nordisk Hjälp continues with a new round of the “Crystal Clear” project, giving eye cataract operations for a number of people in Africa

If you don’t see the formula above you can gift your donation through the following link: Or you can of course Swisha till 9003237. PlusGiro 900 323-7.Don’t forget to mark the payment with “OP”. Thanks for your gift! Nordisk Hjälp...
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