Nya Vägar (“New Roads”)

The aim of the Nya Vägar project is to inspire young people in better ways in areas where there is a risk for those young people to end up outside society. The project is carried out in collaboration with organizations in Malmö, Landskrona and Helsingborg. The idea is to strengthen the conditions for young men and young women to be more confident in their democratic values and help find a path with meaningful leisure time, education and work.

This program supports young people who are at risk of being radicalized and joining violent extremist groups.

To achieve these goals, a number of ambassadors for democracy are recruited and trained. This involves young people from the target group who want to get involved in working with democratic issues and the spreading of information among their peers while working with various activities.

The training of the ambassadors includes the following subjects: knowledge of Swedish society, knowledge of Islam’s view on extremism, knowledge of educational opportunities, knowledge of the labor market and knowledge of life within organizations.

In this way the ambassadors are enlightened in their role both as role models in youth groups but also when they work together with a project manager with various activities and meetings with other young people.

The training of the ambassadors completed in June of 2019. During that time, ambassadors have participated in eid festivals in Helsingborg and Malmö to inform others about the possibilities of the project.

During the late summer and autumn of 2019, the ambassadors have then carried out a number of activities while getting more young people involved.

In December 2019, a final seminar was arranged where the results were made public. Our partner associations, other organizations and representatives from Malmö municipality, Helsingborg municipality and Landskrona municipality and other municipalities in the region were invited to this seminar. The ambassadors and other young people also had key roles here.

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We had a festival about the end of the Nya Vägar project with a partner in the project, Månens Scoutkår (Moon’s Scout Corps.) 27 June 2018

Nya Vägar’s participation in the Eid festival in Folkets Park, where we distributed information to young people who visited us.

A seminar was held with young people trained as ambassadors within the Nya Vägar project.

Presentations came from Nordisk Hjälp and partner organizations. Presentation of the project with a slideshow about the education was also shown.

Zako performed with song and music about finding different paths.

Today we had a lecture with the second group about Islam’s view of extremism with lecturer Salih Tufekcioglu.

We thank Salih Tufekcioglu for a pleasant and instructive lecture.

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