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Projects during 2017

Nya vägar (“New roads”) – a Nordisk Hjälp project that helps youth

The goal of the project is to develop a model in collaboration between civil society, authorities and schools and youth, so that those who grow up in areas where there is a risk of falling outside society can be helped in a better way.

We want to improve the conditions for boys/young men and girls/young women, to strengthen their democratic values, and find a path to meaningful leisure, education and work.

Read more details about the Nya vägar project

Help for the Rohingyas

In September 2017, coworkers from Nordisk Hjälp were in Bangladesh and distributed food packages to 650 Rohingya families who fled from Burma. They visited the camps Tekhali, Zentali, Balokali and Sakmarkol, located outside the city of Cox’s Bazar near the border to Burma.

Ramadan 2017

During this year’s Ramadan, gifts were given to nearly 400,000 SEK by Nordisk Hjälp’s donors. The money went to food packages for the poor, Iftar and party for children in the Gaza Strip, Syrian refugees in Lebanon, as well as help to renovate houses.

Convoy to Lebanon and Syria

During February, Nordisk Hjälp and Emmaus Fredriksdal sent collected clothes and funds to buy food packages for refugees in Lebanon and Syria. The convoy distributed this in three camps within Lebanon: Burj Al Barajheh, Eklim Al Kharoub and Ein El Helweh; and then moved on to two camps outside Damascus: El Yarmouk and Jaramana, later finishing in Aleppo. We will return with more information when the team has returned to Sweden.

Nordisk Hjälp in Syria

Together with Emmaus Fredriksdal and other Swedish organizations, Nordisk Hjälp is carrying out a campaign to help the war-affected population in Syria, and the refugees in Lebanon. Earlier last winter, we were one of the first organizations to reach out with food to the needy in Aleppo and the El-Yarmouk camp outside Damascus.

The campaign continues and the next aid shipment is planned for just before Ramadan.

Contribute to this campaign as well!

Write “Madaya/Yarmouk” in the message field

Support Syrian refugees via SMS!

Write an SMS to the number 72970 and support our work! Write: “NH 50” (to donate 50 SEK) “NH 100” (to donate 100 SEK) or “NH 200” (to donate 200 SEK). Don’t forget that there must be a space between NH and the sum! Thanks for your support.