More about the child sponsorship project

In Palestine and in refugee camps in Lebanon, thousands of children grow up without a mother and/or father. In a poor and unsafe environment, these children are the most vulnerable. With your support, they can go to school, get healthcare and other essentials.

For just 400 SEK each month, you can give an impoverished child a chance towards a good and dignified life!

Nordisk Hjälp has successfully run child sponsorships within the Middle East since 2005.



Throughout the course of this project, Nordisk Hjälp will remind and encourage those who can afford to donate and provide support to the children who are in great need, distressed and unable to work on grounds of chronic sickness or handicap. With this, Nordisk Hjälp wants to take it’s responsibility towards these people and give all those in need their support.

About the project

Many children in the Middle East have lost their mother or father at a very early age due to diseases, natural disasters, wars and accidents. Many of these come from poor families who have become even poorer after losing their  provider. This is where help is most needed to be able to give these children a reasonably tolerable life. The project aims to locate these children and try giving them the help necessary in order for them to have a chance at a better life.

The beneficiaries

Vulnerable and lonely children who have lost their mother or father at an early age and cannot support themselves.

The extent of the help

These children will receive a monthly allowance so that they can have the most necessary of things.
The children will receive the support as soon as they get a child sponsor who is responsible for their needs for a certain period. The child sponsor deposits money into the account that corresponds to the sponsored child. In addition to this, they can also receive winter clothes, school supplies, health care and other amenities which are included from the monthly sum.

How can you help?

There are essentially two ways in which you can help these vulnerable children in need. You can help with the following:

  1. Become a sponsor for a sponsorless or orphaned child and commit to being responsible for that child for at least one year
  2. Donate gift money to the cause which will be allocated to “the orphan’s” fund, registered through Nordisk Hjälp’s account

Where is help needed?

Due to increased poverty caused by various natural disasters and conflicts, the number of those in need has increased drastically, especially in the Middle East. It has also gotten much worse for those living in densely populated Palestinian refugee camps in Gaza and the West Bank, as well as other neighboring countries. The people there are in desperate need of health care. Nordisk Hjälp believes that, in these areas, special consideration must be given to the health status of the elderly and the young in particular.

Nordisk Hjälp provides the help that is needed by cooperating with various humanitarian organizations along with the government and official institutions.

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