Yalla Bidra Campaign | Ramadan 2023

The Nordisk Hjälp team has started working on the campaign "Let’s donate" for Ramadan to support people in:...
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The Nordisk Hjälp team has started working on the campaign “Let’s donate” for Ramadan

Give support people in: Syria, Gaza, Alquds, Turkiye, Lebanon, Burma, Yemen, Tunisia.
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Ramadan Project 2021

Support one of our projects during Ramadan by giving your gift to vulnerable families in Palestine-Gaza, Burma, Syria,...
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About Nordisk Hjälp

Nordisk Hjälp is a politically and religiously independent non-profit organization. The organization’s main aim is to help refugees and those in need both with long-term development projects that are human rights-based and with urgent humanitarian efforts that are based on need.

Nordisk Hjälp follows the Red Cross’ codes in emergency situations with its international relief work and follows the Giva quality code to maintain a good standard of work. The organization is also a member of CHS Alliance to maintain a standard in its international work.

The organization also has operations in Sweden and works for the benefit of society: helping children, youth and people in need while fighting racism, violent extremism and promoting integration.

Nordisk Hjälp works with child sponsorship, where sponsors in Sweden are involved and engaged in helping children in various countries affected by poverty and crisis.


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