About Our Organization

If you are looking for text about our ground principles, statutes, activity reports, annual reports, etc. you can do so by visiting our Policy page which has all the possible documentation one can read through!

Who are we?

Nordisk Hjälp is a politically and religiously independent non-profit organization. The organization’s main purpose is to help refugees and people in need, fighting poverty, both with long-term development projects that are rights-based and with urgent humanitarian efforts that are needs-based.

Nordisk Hjälp, during emergency operations, follows the Red Cross codes in its international aid work and follows the Giva quality code to maintain good standards in its work. The organization is also a member of CHS to maintain standards in its international work.

The organization also has operations in Sweden and works for the benefit of society, helping children, young people and vulnerable people, fights racism and violent extremism, promotes integration and helps new arrivals.

Nordisk Hjälp also has a sponsorship project, where sponsors in Sweden are engaged with and help children in affected countries.

Donate a gift

Join us in giving help and support to the poor and make life a little easier for those who have the most difficulty in life, to those facing many obstacles, both urgently and in the long term.

Sponsor a child

Many children in the Middle East have lost their mother or father at a very early age. We aim to find these children and give them a better chance at a better life.

Testament / memorial gift

Donating a will / memorial gift to Nordisk Hjälp is a way to let life go on as you help poor and vulnerable people in need, those who may not otherwise have been able to get any help.

Want to get involved?

Do you want to support our non-profit but not with money? We need volunteers who can help with various things within our work areas!

Areas of work

Development Projects

We run development projects in war-torn areas so that children can go to school and learn human rights. We also want to promote democratic development in (for example) the Middle East and also work for increased integration in Sweden.

Humanitarian Honor Projects

We run humanitarian honor projects in various countries where medical equipment and educational support are provided.

Fadderbarn projektet

We have 800 sponsored children around the Middle East, all with proud sponsors around Sweden. We collaborate with a number of government and private entities.

Where do donations go?

We at Nordisk Hjälp want to improve the situation for children in the Middle East through gifts donated. You may also earmark the money for a specific purpose or a specific country.

We will ensure that the money makes the greatest possible benefit to society.

Leave a message

You may leave a message directly from the website, but you may also reach us directly via email!

Otherwise you may contact us directly via telephone.
040-21 29 33

    Nordisk Hjälp locations

    Nordisk Hjälp main office
    Scheelegatan 13
    212 28 Malmö

    Nordisk Hjälp in Gothenburg
    Angeredsvinkeln 5, 424 67 Göteborg

    Nordisk Hjälp in Stockholm
    Kavallerivägen 24, 174 58 Sundbyberg
    Tel. 08-128 285 13