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Nya Vägar (“New Roads”)

The goal of the project is the development of a model in collaboration with youth, who grew up in areas where there’s a risk of ending up outside society, to be able to improve their opportunities in life.

We want to strengthen the abilities of young men and young women who can strengthen their democratic values and inspire their interest so that they find a path filled with meaningful leisure time, education and work.

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Nolltolerans mot VARDAGSRASISM

The photo is taken from a workshop in Hällefors

The title translates to “Zero tolerance against everyday racism”.

Nordisk Hjälp has started a project against everyday racism, with the support of MUCF. The project aims to raise awareness of racism that goes on in day-to-day life, in small moments, passing comments, and “jokes”. We hold workshops at schools and associations, where we start with a kind of roleplay where different forms of everyday racism are exemplified. Some volunteers enact this roleplay, and a Q&A along with discussion follows afterwards with those participating in the workshop. It deals with how best to manage and confront everyday racism.

The project is currently being implemented in central Sweden, but may be expanded in the future. (Please do get in touch if interested in implementing this project in your school or association!)


The project is being supported by Myndigheten för ungdoms- och civilsamhällesfrågor (MUCF, translated roughly as the authority for youth and civil society issues).

Nordisk Hjälp fights poverty in the Middle East

Goals and goal fulfillment

Nordisk Hjälp aims to help and support the poor, both in the short and long term. We want to promote democratic development and facilitate those in need in the Middle East, as well as establish better integration within Sweden.

To achieve this we run a series of projects, which you can read more about under their respective headings. Among the tasks of what we do are the sending of food packages and equipment and supplies like ambulances, or run development projects to help children in schools and even help advocate for human rights.

We also incessantly work for our over 800 sponsored children, a number which steadily increases, to give them a more dignified life and a safer upbringing. We also apply to a number of grants to enable us in running integration projects within schools here in Sweden.

Nordisk Hjälps working areas

A little about Nordisk Hjälps various projects

Nordisk Hjälp works both with humanitarian/emergency and long-term development projects.

The sponsorship program is the largest project we run, followed by healthcare efforts and various projects aimed at improving the situation for children in the Middle East.

Other projects

Tillbaka till skolan (“Back to school”)

For children who have been away from school for long periods due to war or poverty. This project is important to us as all children should have the right to education.

Sponsra en student (“Sponsor a student”)

Do you want to help a young person who is having a hard time getting their dream job? By giving your generous donation towards this project, you help students in schools and universities who need your support with travel costs, supplies and various fees.

Skolväskor (“School bags”)

School bags with supply materials are distributed to children in need who reside in poor areas. We want all school students to have equal opportunities with their education, and school bags are necessary to get that little extra out while receiving an education.

Matprojektet (“The food project”)

This is a project carried out during the ‘pilgrimage season’ (it is commonly called Zakat al-Fitr or Sadaqat al-Fitr). We distribute food (usually meat) to families in need residing in Gaza, the West Bank, Iraq and the Palestinian territories within Lebanon.

Medicinska projekter (“Medical projects”)

Many health care facilities in poverty-stricken areas affected by war and natural disasters are in great need of medical equipment and materials such as hospital beds, X-ray machines, ambulances and other basic equipment such as medicines, cannulas, blood supplies, etc.. To implement these types of projects, Nordisk Hjälp contacts various healthcare facilities in Sweden and asks them to donate equipment they no longer have any use for. We take care of this equipment and send it onwards to where it is most needed.

Nordisk Hjälp has carried out a number of medical projects over the years. Among them we have sent ambulances with medical equipment to Gaza and Palestinian refugee camps in Lebanon. We also carry out medical projects regularly in Gaza and the West Bank. The dental care and eye care projects for children are something we also regularly work on. With such projects there are considerations made to cover logistics, transportation costs, and pure administrative costs.

The beneficiaries:
All health care facilities that need help and that work with and help drive charity work.

Scope of help:
All medical equipment that Nordisk Hjälp can obtain and which is also approved for reuse according to European health standards.

How can you contribute?
There are essentially three ways in which you can help these vulnerable people in need. They are listed as follows:

  1. As a facility, donate well-functioning medical equipment that is no longer being used and is no longer needed to Nordisk Hjälp.
  2. Give your generous donation towards the transport and assembly of medical equipment, and for the competency training of local healthcare staff.
  3. Give your generous donation towards the purchase of medicines and other medical equipment directly that will later be forwarded to the healthcare facilities that are in the greatest need of them.

Where is help needed?
Due to increased poverty caused by various natural disasters, the number of people in need has increased drastically, especially in the Middle East. It has gotten much worse for those living in densely populated Palestinian refugee camps in Gaza and the West Bank, among other neighboring countries. The people there are in desperate need of health care. Nordisk Hjälp believes that in these areas special consideration must be given to the health of the elderly and the young in particular. Nordisk Hjälp provides the help that is necessary by cooperating with various humanitarian organizations, government and official institutions.

Nordisk Hjälp in the media

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