A humanitarian disaster is ongoing in Gaza. No parent should have to bury their children! Everyone has the right to safety. Nordisk Hjälp is now collecting money for Gaza to do everything we can to support and lend aid. The donation money goes directly to three hospitals in Gaza, towards the desperate need of medicines,...
The video shows the Iftar celebration for sponsored children in Gaza, 2018
Photos showing the Iftar for sponsored children in Gaza, 2018
Video showing distribution of food parcels in Gaza, Ramadan 2018 Distribution of food parcels in Gaza, Ramadan 2018
Iftar for sponsored children in Gaza on June 2, 2018
Right now we are focusing on two campaigns, and one is a fundraiser to go to this boy, Rahman Yamen Nofal. He is an 11-year-old boy who was shot with an expanding bullet in the leg, which resulted in shrapnel injuries in the upper thigh and in the other leg. The greatest damage was caused...
Urgent need for flour, milk, gas and food packages in Gaza We continue with the fundraising towards Gaza. This time we focus on food, namely food packages, flour bags and milk. There is a great need for gas as well. All contributions are welcome and greatly appreciated!
The container with the hospital equipment is now on its way to Gaza Thank you for your contribution!