Winter campaign Warmer Together 2020

Following the success of the previous winter campaign in northern Lebanon, Nordisk Hjälp continues this year with the winter campaign to warm refugee children of the refugee camps in northern Syria.

In December, with the collaboration of designer Mona ElQut from Social Action for Change, Nordisk Hjälp will distribute 1,000 ResQkid outfits with shoes for children between ages 6-12 of various refugee camps in northern Syria.

ResQkid outfits are transformed into a suit that is a combination of a jacket, overalls and sleeping bag to help withstand the cold nights in tents and fragile shelters. ResQkid can withstand wind, water, cold (down to -10°C) and fire.

Together we will keep these children warm! Each outfit with shoes costs 500 SEK (52 USD) to produce, but every small contribution given is so very warmly welcomed!

Do you want to know more about this project? Visit our website for further details.

If you have any questions, let us know on Facebook / Instagram @nhjalp and we’ll answer as soon as we can!

The previous winter campaign video

If you would like to gift a contribution in USD through PayPal – follow this link

You may otherwise want to gift in SEK through PayPal instead

Gift a contribution through PlusGiro or with Swish

PlusGiro: 900 323-7
eller Swisha till 9003237
(Don’t forget to add “varmare” in the message field)

Gifting your contribution from outside of Sweden

You may send your gift via bank transfer with the following details:
Name: Nordisk Hjälp
Address: Scheelegatan 13, 212 28 Malmö, Sweden
Tel.: 0046-40 21 29 33
Bank name: NORDEA BANK
Bank address: Smålandsgatan 17, SE-10571 Stockholm, Sweden
IBAN: SE7195000099604209003237

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