Campaign for medicine to refugees

Nordisk Hjälp starts a campaign to collect medicine for Syrian and Palestinian refugees in various refugee camps within Lebanon, Syria and Turkey.

Nordisk Hjälp har tidigare jobbat med sjukvårdsprojekt, bland annat skickat ambulanser med sjukvårdsutrustning och med mediciner till Libanon och Gaza. 

We are now working with cooperative partners on-site in the various areas that ensure that the money goes to where it is most urgent. Together we make a difference!

Swisha till 9003237
Note! Don’t forget to write “medicin” in the message field.

You may send your gift via bank transfer with the following details:
Name: Nordisk Hjälp
Address: Scheelegatan 13, 212 28 Malmö, Sweden
Tel.: 0046-40 21 29 33
Bank name: NORDEA BANK
Bank address: Smålandsgatan 17, SE-10571 Stockholm, Sweden
IBAN: SE7195000099604209003237

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