Nordisk Hjälp is launching the “Crystal Clear”  campaign to restore eyesight for ca.1000 individuals in Chad, Mali, Niger, and Nigeria.

If you do not see the donation form above, you can also follow this link: Nordisk Hjälp has launched a campaign called “Crystal Clear” under the slogan of a cataract-free vision campaign. The aim is to perform 1000 surgeries (at...
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Nordisk Hjälp launches an emergency aid campaign for Gaza

The emergency aid campaign is launched to help civilians in Gaza. The campaign aims to aid the people of Gaza through medical supplies, support to children in need and renovation to houses destroyed by the attacks. You may donate to...
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Thanks to your donations, we were able to help 53733 people during the month of Ramadan

Nordisk Hjälp expresses its deep thanks to everyone who contributed to the Yalla Bidra campaign that was launched during the month of Ramadan. Thanks to your contributions, we’ve been able to help 53,733 people in Lebanon, Syria, Gaza, Jerusalem, Turkey...
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