Nordisk Hjälp is launching the “Crystal Clear”  campaign to restore eyesight for ca.1000 individuals in Chad, Mali, Niger, and Nigeria.

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Each operation costs just 1500 SEK, but you may choose to donate any amount, or any of the above choices.

If you change currency be mindful on the amount you are donating. It’s recommended to choose the Other option and type in your contribution.

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Nordisk Hjälp has launched a campaign called “Crystal Clear” under the slogan of a cataract-free vision campaign. The aim is to perform 1000 surgeries (at least!) to treat those affected by this condition in the countries of Chad, Mali, Niger, and Nigeria.

Taim Al-Youssef, the head of the Nordisk Hjälp organization, emphasized that through this campaign, the organization seeks to contribute by alleviating the suffering of patients in Chad, Mali, Niger, and Nigeria. He highlighted the importance of restoring proper vision to the afflicted individuals and the profound impact it has on their lives, whether they are children, young adults, or even the elderly.

The complete cost of the surgery for each affected individual is 1500 Swedish kronor. Donors have the flexibility to gift any amount however. Donations from within Sweden may be made through the Swish service, through bank transfers, and by payment via bank cards. You can find more information and make a contribution through the following link. In addition, donors outside of Sweden may also contribute directly below.

Although this campaign is the first of it’s kind for us, it’s worth mentioning that Nordisk Hjälp is a Swedish non-profit organization founded in 2005, and has successfully implemented numerous relief and development projects in several countries around the world since then.

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