Nordisk Hjälp continues with a new round of the “Crystal Clear” project, giving eye cataract operations for a number of people in Africa

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Each operation costs just 1500 SEK, but you may choose to donate any amount, or any of the above choices.

If you change currency be mindful on the amount you are donating. It’s recommended to choose the Other option and type in your contribution.

If you don’t see the formula above you can gift your donation through the following link:

Or you can of course Swisha till 9003237. PlusGiro 900 323-7.
Don’t forget to mark the payment with “OP”. Thanks for your gift!

Nordisk Hjälp has begun to perform many surgeries for people with eye cataracts, a deterioration of the lens in the eyes that causes difficulty in seeing and greatly affects people’s day-to-day.

Throughout this campaign, the objective is to first carry out and touch the lives of 1,000 people. We alleviate this easily fixable blindness in the countries of Mali, Chad, Niger and Nigeria.

The treatment costs 1,500 SEK (ca. 135 EUR). Be a part of this campaign through Nordisk Hjälp and drastically improve the lives of the people of these countries by gifting a donation. Every donation gifted makes a difference.

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