Nordisk Hjälp: We have successfully delivered 24 trucks loaded with aid to the Gaza Strip

Malmö, January 29, 2024

Nordisk Hjälp, has managed to bring in 24 trucks loaded with relief aid through the Rafah Crossing, including 9 trucks carrying flour, 5 trucks with food parcels, 3 trucks of food supplies, and 7 trucks loaded with drinking water.

In addition, Nordisk Hjälp team within the Gaza Strip has distributed food parcels, health aid, financial aid, blankets, tents, hot meals, meat portions, and children’s essentials based on the availability of resources in the local market in Gaza over the past months.

According to the Chairman of the Board of Nordisk Hjälp, Taim Al-Yousef, the organization worked on assisting women and children in Gaza.

Our office in Gaza, urgently provided some medical aid to hospitals, along with immediate relief aid from local markets in Gaza while waiting for the entry of several aid trucks through the Rafah Crossing.

 Al-Yousef affirmed that families in Gaza are facing difficult conditions, especially with the extensive destruction of infrastructure, particularly in the medical field.

The need for assistance is crucial to alleviate the catastrophic living conditions experienced by the local residents.

At the same time, Al-Yousef noted that Nordisk Hjälp has, to date, managed to bring in 24 trucks loaded with aid, distributing approximately 270 tons of flour, around 6,000 food parcels, and more than 316,000 drinkable water bottles through trucks entering via the Rafah Crossing.

Al-Yousef pointed out that more trucks loaded with aid are currently being prepared in Cairo, beside several trucks awaiting permission to enter through the Rafah Crossing.

He added that the organization’s team in Cairo provided some urgent financial aid to the wounded and students from the Gaza Strip currently in Egypt. Nordisk Hjälp assures that its aid to effected innocent Gazans will continue until the situation comes to an end.

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