Proactive Antiracism Workshop in Malmö

On the 27th of November the city of Malmö took part of an initiative started by Nordisk Hjälp, the first workshop that is part of the PROAKTIV ANTIRASISM project. The project is organized by Nordisk Hjälp in collaboration with Myndigheten för ungdom och civilsamhället MUCF (“the Youth and Civil Society Agency”).

This workshop entitled Racism and Combating Racism was presented by researcher Awes Ahmed Osman, where he discussed the issue of racism and what racist attitudes can be encountered with the teenagers who attended.

It is also noteworthy that this workshop was held in Gothenburg in collaboration with the Mosaic Association. The workshop is part of a project carried out by the Nordisk Hjälp organization during the years 2022 and 2023 in a number of Swedish cities.

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