Projects during 2012

In 2012 Nordisk Hjälp, together with our partner organizations, carried out a series of successful projects!

Emergency help for refugees from Syria

Nordisk Hjälp collected funds to help those affected by the conflict in Syria. The money has, among other things, gone to food packages, medical examinations, blankets and pillows. At the start of 2012, Nordisk Hjälp helped those who fled to various areas in Lebanon, but during the autumn we also started collecting funds to help those who fled to Turkey.

We recently sent 15 ambulances down to the refugee centers in southern Turkey too! They are now on standby for the refugees pouring in from Syria.

The project in media:

Article in Skånska dagbladet (image, in Swedish)

A clipping from Metro (Skåne) on 26/11/2012

Humanitarian aid in Gaza

This project is well under way and it concerns emergency aid for sponsorless children in Gaza.

The contribution for this project is from Radiohjälpen and consists of medicines, food, clothes, etc. These necessities will be available at our partner association, where the identified sponsorless children can come and collect what is needed. The cooperatives will also sign an agreement with a doctor that the children can visit if they get sick. The support will contribute to school books, medicine, healthcare, food and clothing as well as extra help during the holidays.

The empowerment of women in Palestinian refugee camps

The empowerment of women in the Palestinian refugee camp Ein el-Helweh

The project is a Forum Syd funded project and aims to strengthen our partner organization Awareness through organizational development and to empower women in Palestinian areas in Lebanon, including Ein el-Helweh, the largest Palestinian refugee camp in Lebanon.

We at Nordisk Hjälp, together with our LEO (Local Individual Organization) in southern Lebanon, carry out a long-term project aimed at strengthening women with the goal of changing attitudes within society. In refugee camps and other areas with Palestinian residents, the Palestinian women are an extra vulnerable group according to many surveys.

They find it difficult to get a job, are often uneducated, discriminated against and oppressed in society. Therefore we want to start with a 1-year rights-based development project to empower Palestinian women. After this year, we have plans to continue expanding and further developing this project.

The project is a rights-based development project with the goal of being long-term and comprehensive. Our overall goal with the project is to increase Palestinian women’s democratic influence in Lebanon. We want the women to have an opportunity to assert their rights, to have basic knowledge of human rights, the CEDAW convention, and the democratic structure. We also want to teach them about more practical things that will be woven into the training in areas such as how to increase self-esteem, how they can find a job or training in the areas where they live, and teach them basic knowledge about health care for children and upbringing. We want to empower the women so that they can spread knowledge and organize themselves.

Our LEO, Awareness & Consolation Association is a very capable association, well established in the area and highly trusted by the people. Among other things, we carry out organizational development for LEOs to strengthen their internal democracy so that they gain knowledge about rights-based work as well as knowledge about how to work with democracy issues, equality issues and issues concerning human rights. The project was to be divided into two phases. Phase I (over a period of 6 months) was organizational development for the Awareness & Consolation Association and the organization’s workers as the target group.

Phase II will have various activities related to women gaining more knowledge about HR issues, gender equality and the democratically structured society, but also practical things such as looking for a job and gaining increased self-esteem. By dividing the project in this way, and investing in training the organization in this type of work, the project becomes strongly rights-oriented. We want the Palestinian women to enter the existing structures of society with positively change attitudes. We want to strengthen society’s most vulnerable group so that they are able to organize themselves and raise interest in HR issues and democracy. The project is planned towards 3 areas. Ein el-Helweh refugee camp, Ketermaya and Wadeselein. It is our partner organization that has identified these areas in the project as the situation of women is most vulnerable in these specific areas.