Projects during 2014

In 2014 Nordisk Hjälp, together with our partner organizations, yet again carried out a series of successful projects!

European garden

Nordisk Hjälp sent funds and helped with the construction of the European Park in the Gaza Strip. There are approx. 1,816,379 people (estimated in 2014) who reside within this location on the total area of 360 km2 (~5,046 people per km2). Overcrowding is high and green areas are sparse. This public park will therefore bring a lot of good to the people of Gaza.

Child sponsorships (Gaza)

During Israel’s blockade and attack on Gaza this summer, many sponsors were concerned and wanted information about the children they support. At that time, it was not easy to obtain reliable information. So with that in mind we can now announce our newly opened office in Gaza to more easily communicate and to convey the support and gifts given by the sponsors. Our staff and volunteers on site did a very good job and we thank them very much for their efforts.

Syrian refugees with “Miles for smiles”

In March, representatives of Nordisk Hjälp visited five Syrian refugee facilities and distributed clothes, toys, medicine and food packages to Syrian refugees who fled their homes and found themselves in difficult situations within Lebanon. The project was carried out together with a number of other European charity organizations under the name “Miles for Smiles”.

Clothing collection

Clothing collection and the support for Syrian and Palestinian refugees. Nordisk Hjälp continues to collect clothing and household items for Syrian and Palestinian refugees living within Lebanon and Syria. At the end of May, we sent down a container filled with clothes and food to Yarmouk camp in Syria. The next container is planned to be sent during the winter of 2014-15.

The food packages project

Shortly after the outbreak of war in Gaza, Nordisk Hjälp sent 100,000 SEK to the office in Gaza. Our employees and volunteers then bought food packages (food, hygiene items, etc.) and distributed them to needy families. We have since expanded the campaign together with Emmaus Fredriksdal and jointly sent 250,000 SEK, which is estimated to be enough for around 700 families over two weeks.

Ramadan support (zakat)

All the funds collected and donated by donors during the month of Ramadan to support refugees and poor people living in the Gaza Strip were able to be sent and reached the needy despite the critical situation prevailing.


The project aims to promote children’s development and their rights. This helps to reduce dropouts by making a wide range of leisure and cultural activities available for school children in the Ein el-Helweh camp.

The children receive this education which is key to: growth, jobs, democratic awareness and influence, a sustainable society, etc.

The project is financed by Nordisk Hjälp and Forum Syd (SIDA).

Support for Syrian refugees (students)

This project is to help Syrian refugee students within Lebanon and is still ongoing.

Support and aids are sent to help students get started with school despite fleeing!

Costs per student are 500 SEK/month.

Water drums in Gaza

The lack of clean drinking water is great right now in Gaza, as large parts of the water and sewage system have failed. Nordisk Hjälp, together with the association Svenska Unga Palestinier i Umeå (“Swedish Young Palestinians in Umeå”), has now bought 20 water drums and placed them around Gaza. Each cistern holds 2,000 l and is filled continuously.

Nordisk Hjälp has started a campaign to procure more cisterns. Those who wish to support can donate money for an entire water drum – at 1,700 SEK, or at a smaller amount. All gifts are warmly welcomed.

Deposit the gift at —. Write “Vattentrumma” in the message field