Projects during 2016

In 2016 Nordisk Hjälp, together with our partner organizations, carried out a series of successful projects!

Children’s activities & sports activities

Playtime and sports for the children of Gaza

In April, Nordisk Hjälp invited all sponsored children and other poor children in Gaza to a moment of playtime and a sports day. There was a bouncy castle, game competitions and a football tournament. The children also received food and sweets.

We are very happy to be able to give the children a day of freedom and play. Thanks to everyone who donates to Nordisk Hjälp to make this possible.

Festival for sponsored children

In March, Nordisk Hjälp organized a party for sponsored children and other poor children living in the Gaza Strip. They got to play, paint, draw and hang out, as well as get food and sweets to eat. A day of joy where the children could forget the hard everyday life in Gaza.

Iftar for sponsored children and poor children

For the seventh year in a row, Nordisk Hjälp organized iftar (a celebration of the breaking of the fasting period) during the month of Ramadan for sponsored children, poor children and their relatives.

Nordisk Hjälp in Syria

Together with Emmaus Fredriksdal and other Swedish organizations, Nordisk Hjälp is carrying out a campaign to help the war-affected population in Syria along with refugees in Lebanon. Earlier last winter, we were one of the first organizations to reach out with food to the needy in Aleppo and the El-Yarmouk camp outside Damascus.

This campaign continues and the next aid shipment is planned for just before Ramadan.

Contribute to the Campaign as well!
Write “Syrian refugees” in the message field

Thanks for your continued support.

Food packages during Ramadan in Gaza

Nordisk Hjälp distributed food packages to the poor and needy families living in the Gaza Strip during the month of Ramadan.

Food packages during Ramadan in Lebanon

Nordisk Hjälp distributed food packages to the poor and needy families in Lebanon during the month of Ramadan as well.

Support for needy families in Gaza (marriage & renovation)

Nordisk Hjälp also supports families with money for the renovation of houses, supporting marriages, studies, etc. After the last war in Gaza, we have particularly focused the support on repairing damaged houses, where many families live in substandard houses and lack any means to income.

Water purification, wells

Wells and water treatment

Nordisk Hjälp have drilled two wells and started two water treatment facilities in Gaza, specifically in the areas of Al Shugaia and Al Nosairat.