Terms and Conditions

Payment terms

Along with our Finance and Fundraising Policy, we follow Consumer protection law which protects everyone who donates their gifts to us with the consumer rights that everyone gets when making payments within the European Union (EU). This includes the following:

– The right to be able to ask questions about the payment and the cause that the donor supports.
– The right to remain anonymous, which coincides with what is described in the Privacy Policy.
– The right to request a refund, as long as the refund is requested within a reasonable time (i.e. within 10 work days).
– The right to end their membership or monthly payment directly when one formally communicates their wish to unsubscribe via phone call or by e-mail.
NOTE! Monthly payments (including the use of AutoGiro) that do not specify a due date transfer funds at the end of each month.

More about monthly payments / Autogiro Privat

We have a monthly Sposorship project. mony are withdrawn from the card on a monthly basis on the same day the donor pays

We do not save the card data, but as long as the donor chooses the monthly donation, it will be withdrawn from it automatically every month

The donor can start the monthly subscription by selecting the amonthly sponsorships project that we offer on our website

On the checkout page, the donor is asked to pay on a monthly basis to create an account through which their monthly payments will be controlled as deferred or cancelled.

The donor receives a detailed monthly receipt for their donation on their email and the account they created through the checkout page

Terms of use of membership and more

Your membership is personal and may not be transferred to or used by others. You are responsible for telling us if there any changes in the payment details or relevant information such as your address and/or telephone number, or if you wish to end your membership with us. Email info@nordiskhjalp.com directly to reach our support.

If you want to read about how we handle personal data (and cookies), the details can be found on our Privacy Policy.

Giva Sveriges quality code (formerly FRIIs) and governance and financial reporting

Giva Sveriges quality code is the fundraising industry’s self-regulation instrument and functions as support for members’ quality assurance. The fundraising industry is entirely dependent on the trust of it’s donors. To maintain and strengthen this trust, Giva Sverige developed this quality code, which was launched in 2007, and has now been updated a number of times – most recently in October 2022.
The quality code takes a broad approach to fundraising organizations and helps organizations to audit themselves and to build a sustainable and transparent structure. The quality code is based on the following areas;

Value basis

– Ethical principles and guidelines
– Financial accounting
– Impact measurement and reports
– Internal audits & governance

Governance and financial reporting

All of Giva Sveriges members must publish a report every two years on how their organization has applied and kept the standard of the quality code. The report must be included in the organization’s annual report, or may alternatively constitute a separate report. Read more about the code at https://www.givasverige.se/kvalitet-styrning/ (it’s in Swedish, though they do have a general overview of their organization in English).


Svensk Insamlingskontroll monitors charitable organizations and ensures, among other things, that money collected through a 90-konto account goes to the purpose without unreasonable costs. Only non-profit associations, foundations and faith communities that get approved as 90-konto account holders by Svensk Insamlingskontroll get reviewed and receive a seven digit 90-konto account with PlusGirot or Bankgirot. Those approved to have 90-konto accounts may use these accounts for fundraising among the public.

Svensk Insamlingskontroll has a requirement that no more than 25 percent of the total revenue goes to collection costs and administration. Nordisk Hjälp uses the 90-konto account to apply the best practices concerning the collection of funds.