Testament or memorial gifts

Gift a testament or memorial to Nordisk Hjälp!

Do you want to leave a memorial gift that will benefit the future?
Nordisk Hjälp has just started a testament project where we make it possible to facilitate testament and memorial gifts. Giving a testamentary or memorial gift to Nordisk Hjälp is a way of letting life move on by helping the poor and vulnerable in need, who might otherwise not have been able to get any help. After gifting the shares you wish to give to your beneficiary, you can make a gift of your choice to a non-profit organization that works to help the poor and vulnerable. We at Nordisk Hjälp want to improve the situation for children in the Middle East through our testamentary gifts, but you can also earmark the money for a specific purpose or a specific country and we will ensure that the money does the greatest possible social good.

How does one leave a testamentary or memorial gift?
If you want to send your gift to Nordisk Hjälp, it’s important to use our organization number:
1. Be careful with your testament: Write the will clearly and concisely. Your testament must be in writing, personally signed, dated and witnessed. Be detailed so that your wishes are easy to interpret. If the testament covers several pages, these should be numbered along with the total number of pages. If you want to make a will to Nordisk Hjälp, include our organization name and organization number.

2. The will must be witnessed (signed) by two people at the same moment. What they witness is that this is indeed your testament and that you are able to establish your will. The witnesses must not be related to you nor inherit anything according to the testament. They don’t need to know the details within the document, but they do need to be aware that it’s your testament they’re witnessing.
3. Updates. You can update your testament as many times as you like. When doing so it’s preferable to write a completely new one or add amendments separately (avoid changing the original contents by hand). Be certain to make it clear that the new testament replaces the old one. Also ensure that the new testament or amendments are also witnessed (signed) by two people.
4. Consult someone who is an expert! It’s not difficult to write a testament, but it is wise to have an expert review it to know if it has been done correctly. You may get help from your bank, or alternatively from a law firm, or sometimes from certain funeral homes.
We will be working with a lawyer who you may contact and consult: (these contact details will show up in the future here!)
5. Keep your testament in a safe place, such as a bank deposit box. It will also be useful to have a copy of the testament at home with instructions on where the originals are.
Please do let us know if you have chosen to make a testament or memorial gift to us. This does not imply any commitment on your part, and you are under no obligation to notify us if you later change your will.

Still unsure how to write a testament? Here’s an article (translated) from Enkla Avtal that has good tips on how to proceed and what to think about.