Thanks to your generous donations we were able to distribute 3800 food packages to people in Lebanon, Syria, Al-Quds, Gaza, Burma and Yemen during the first week of Ramadan

During the first day of Ramadan, our team was able to carry out the first part of the aid campaign “Yalla Bidra” (Please donate), which distributes food packages to families, where almost 1000 packages were distributed to families in refugee camps in Lebanon.

Around 500 food packages were also distributed to refugee families in tents in northern Syria.

In addition, the organization team in the Gaza Strip distributed approximately 1,000 food packages.

Meanwhile the organization team in Al-Quds distributed about 500 food packages to families in the city of Al-Quds.

About 400 food packages were distributed to refugees in Burma and 400 food packages to families in Yemen.

This Ramadan campaign event “Yalla Bidra” will continue during the remaining days of Ramadan by accepting donations during the days of this month from within Sweden and abroad through the following details:

The Nordisk Hjälp workers have started work with the Yalla Bidra campaign to support the people in:

Syria, Alquds, Gaza, Lebanon, Turkey, Yemen, Tunisia, Burma.

This is done through several options:
▪️ Zakat al-Fitr
▪️ Iftar for fasting
▪️ Food packages for families in need
▪️ “Sadaka”

Gift to the needy
You can easily donate from anywhere in the world via the following link:

✅ You may also use Swish if you reside in Sweden: Swisha till 9003237

(Please write the donation code in the message field)

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