Nordisk Help concludes its development projects for women affected by the Morocco earthquake

its relief campaign for the victims of the earthquake that struck the region of Hoz in the Kingdom of Morocco on September 8, 2023. The foundation provided support for the implementation of 79 small projects for women affected by the earthquake. The projects were executed in collaboration with the National Human Rights Council in Morocco, which played a role in preparing and supervising the project. The project, named ‘Solidarity,’ aimed to support widowed or economically challenged women in earthquake-affected areas.

The project was implemented in five stages:

The first stage: On November 25, 2023, a meeting was held with the earthquake-affected families in the Asni region of the Hoz area, the most affected area by the earthquake. The meeting was attended by 103 women, including the CEO of the National Human Rights Council and the head of the rural community of Asni, Mr. Jamal Amrhan.

The second stage: A special committee was formed to select 79 women facing difficult circumstances to undertake small, feasible projects that would enable them to support their families. The main criteria for selection included poverty level, widowhood, divorce, or economic orphanhood, as well as the likelihood of the success of the proposed project.

The third stage: A dedicated training session was organized for the selected women to enhance their skills in planning, financial management, marketing, accounting, and communication, held from November 26 to 28, 2023, over three days.

The fourth stage: Several meetings were held with Mr. Jamal Amrhan, the head of the Asni community, Mr. Nabil Ghaza, the CEO of the National Human Rights Council, Mr. Abdelmajid Ajyar, the president of the Tifawin Association for Social Development in Asni Al-Qadim, and Ms. Naaima El-Marhouli, the women’s coordinator. On November 30, 2023, the meeting approved the list of names of the 79 women who benefited from the training session. The distribution mechanism for support and grants for the projects was also endorsed.

The fifth stage: From December 6 to 9, 2023, the distribution of grants took place, including sewing and knitting machines, ovens and mixers, carts for fast food, barber shop equipment, livestock, poultry, and financial amounts to provide initial materials for the projects. The aim was to improve the economic and social situation of families affected by the earthquake.

It is worth mentioning that many urgent relief projects were proposed for implementation in the early days of the earthquake. However, due to the swift response from the Kingdom of Morocco to assist the affected individuals and provide all necessary aid, it was suggested to build temporary houses for the affected families. Eventually, the project was replaced based on the partners’ suggestion in Morocco, leading to the adoption of the ‘Solidarity’ project to support widowed women or those in difficult situations in earthquake-affected areas.”

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