Thanks to your donations, we were able to help 53733 people during the month of Ramadan

Nordisk Hjälp expresses its deep thanks to everyone who contributed to the Yalla Bidra campaign that was launched during the month of Ramadan. Thanks to your contributions, we’ve been able to help 53,733 people in Lebanon, Syria, Gaza, Jerusalem, Turkey and Burma.

The total amount of donations during the month of Ramadan amounted to 1,936,762 SEK, distributed as follows: 1,285,287 SEK for food packages, 321,475 SEK for Zakat al-Fitr, 208,000 SEK for Zakat al-mal and 72,000 SEK for surgical operations and finally, 50,000 SEK to be distributed to whichever is most important and urgent.

Nordisk Hjälp continues its aid and development projects from Sweden to provide support to various countries around the world. This is only possible through your support and donations to our relief campaigns.

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