The Swedish people have donated more than two million six hundred thousand kroner to the earthquake victims in Turkey and Syria through Nordisk Hjälp

Nordisk Hjälp happily informs that the donations collected within the “Sakina” campaign have exceeded the amount of two million six hundred thousand Swedish crowns. The money received has been distributed to a number of emergency aid projects in northern Syria and southern Turkey to help those affected by the devastating earthquake that has hit the two countries.

According to what we gathered, the donations from participation of the civil society came from various parts within Sweden and from a diverse amount of backgrounds and origins. Many activists and volunteers also participated in the campaign, working day and night to make the campaign a resounding success.

The “Sakina” campaign, launched by the charity since the beginning of the catastrophic earthquake, included a number of initiatives including the “Sverigefolket” (Swedish people) initiative, which collected almost one million Swedish crowns to secure tents for earthquake victims in northern Syria. Swedes of diverse backgrounds and origins gathered to help support the cause.

It’s also fortuitous how part of the organization’s work group was on site in the area and ready to help where the tents were being built in the Jenderes area in northern Syria.

The campaign included the distribution of emergency relief aid, which was distributed by the task force currently present in Turkey since day one of the earthquake. Nordisk Hjälp’s chairman, together with a team of volunteers, have been able to distribute emergency relief aid to the people of Harem, Salim and Suran in northern Syria, on top of Hatay and Osmaniye in southern Turkey. The aid included meals, blankets, baby milk and assorted health items distributed towards the families.

In addition the campaign included an initiative to collect clothes at Nordisk Hjälp’s headquarters in Malmö. Donations in the form of clothing were received and sorted, and in turn shipped to the affected areas. Used clothing were sold and then donated for the benefit of the campaign, mostly due to the fact that used clothing was eventually disallowed to enter through Turkish territory. This decision was based on instructions from the authorities.

Nordisk Hjälp confirmed that its aid campaign continues permanently to ensure the greatest possible assistance to the affected families within Syria and Turkey.

Thousands of grieving children and families are waiting for the support needed immediately, to calm their fears and to help them.

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