How to donate

We usually handle giro transfer or the Swish payment processor for donations within Sweden, though if you are abroad you can use the following methods to gift a donation

Please do remember to add a message describing where or what the donation should be used for. Without a message your donation will be used towards the cause that is most critical at the moment of transaction

Bank transfer

Use the following information to transfer your contribution:

Name: Nordisk Hjälp
Address: Scheelegatan 13, 212 28 Malmö, Sweden
Tel: 0046-40 21 29 33
Fax: 0046-40 21 29 34
Bank name: NORDEA BANK
Bank address: Smålandsgatan 17, SE-10571 Stockholm, Sweden
IBAN: SE7195000099604209003237

Donate through Facebook

You can visit our Facebook page and donate through the fundraisers you can find on there. As a Facebook user one can create and host a fundraiser for any of the causes we support. If you donate to the page directly we’ll see which causes need it most and proceed from there

Facebook allows you to pay through your bank card or connected through PayPal. The payout comes monthly and after a collected threshold of at least 100 EUR. But do not worry, we will process and fund the transactions even if the payout is late

Donate via PayPal

To donate through PayPal, use the button below:
Please remember to add a message describing where or what the donation should be used for. It otherwise goes towards a cause we find most in need of funding

When donating from countries outside of Sweden, PayPal adds a 3,4% currency exchange fee. Note that fees for e.g. cross-border payments and currency exchanges may apply. Either way, you can always see the total before you send a donation. On our end PayPal also asks a fee of 3,25 kr (Swedish crowns) per payment

These fees are normal and not unusual when using online payment processors

If you want to donate through your phone we have this handy QR-code you can use

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