Nordisk Help’s general manager visits the executive office of the National Human Rights Council in Morocco

As part of the humanitarian campaign being carried out by the Nordisk Hjälp in the kingdom of Morocco, Taim Al-Yousef, the general manager of Nordisk Hjälp, paid a visit to the Executive Office of the National Human Rights Council in the city of Rabat.

The purpose of the visit was to discuss the relief projects that will be implemented during the campaign.

During the meeting, Al-Yousef presented an overview of the foundation’s projects and activities, emphasizing Nordisk Hjälp’s appreciation for the efforts made by the Kingdom of Morocco and the National Human Rights Council in providing humanitarian aid to alleviate the suffering of those affected by the earthquake.

In response, Nabil Ghaza, the chairman of the National Human Rights Council, expressed his gratitude and appreciation for the humanitarian initiative launched by Nordisk Hjälp. He noted that it represents a real embodiment of international cooperation and solidarity in the face of disasters.

Ghaza added that cooperation between the two organizations will greatly contribute to strengthening the relations between the two countries and their people, and it will open the door to more joint projects in future.

It’s worth mentioning that Nordisk Hjälp had quickly launched an urgent relief campaign to assist the earthquake victims in Morocco from the early days of the disaster.

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