Nordisk Hjälp, in collaboration with the Vi Mår Bra Team, Launches an Urgent Relief Campaign for Morocco Earthquake Victims

As part of their humanitarian and development efforts, Nordisk Hjälp Foundation, in collaboration with the Vi Mår Bra Team, has launched an urgent relief campaign to assist the victims of the Morocco earthquake. The campaign will unfold in several stages, starting with a live fundraising broadcast in partnership with the Vi Mår Bra Team, composed of various activists and influencers on social media platforms, including the influential figure Jamal Al-Omar and several activists in Sweden and Scandinavia.
The second stage will involve a team from Nordisk Hjälp Foundation and a group of influencers traveling to Morocco to distribute aid to the earthquake-affected communities. The aid includes blankets, food baskets, medical supplies, infant formula, and drinking water.
The organizers of the campaign aim to expedite the distribution of aid to the affected communities as swiftly as possible.
Donations can be made from within Sweden by calling: 9003237, or from anywhere in the world using the following link:

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