Nordisk Hjälp supplies the solar cell project to the Hamza medical center in Lebanon

As part of the “Ljus och värme” (Light and heating) campaign that provides solar panels to clinics and preschools, Nordisk Hjälp supplies the “Malmö solcellsanläggning” (Malmö solar panel facilities) project at the Hamza Medical Center to support patients in the Al Bass Palestinian refugee camp in Lebanon.

Nordisk Hjälp has completed the implementation of the sustainable solar cell installation at the center, which aims to solve the problem of power outages and high operation costs, also providing the center with hot water. It is worth mentioning that the “Malmö solcellsanläggning” project was carried out from the generous support and contributions of the Swedish donors. This is part of the organization’s endeavor to function as a bridge for aid and development work between Sweden, the Middle East and Africa.

Solar cell installations are also to be implemented in Gaza, Lebanon and northern Syria, where Nordisk Hjälp primarily focuses on equipping medical centers with solar cell installations that generate electricity for necessary medical equipment at locations that suffer from long power outages.

This will help save the lives of many patients in these clinics and provide hot water during this winter season. Nordisk Hjälp also aims to install solar panels in kindergartens to ensure lighting in the classrooms, as most students are also often affected by long-term power cuts. In addition, it can reliably provide children with hot water during the winter.

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